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January 01, 2023 0:00 PM

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Teaching Children With Special Needs

Teaching Children with Special Needs” by Esthus Lofton is a practical guide for parents and caregivers of children with sensory processing disorder, offering new and innovative techniques to educate and train special children. The book emphasizes on the strengths and abilities of individuals with the condition, rather than their deficits. It highlights the importance of tailored educational plans based on ongoing assessment and collaboration between parents, educators, and other professionals. The book also explains how group lessons, co-curricular activities, and technology can be valuable tools in educating special children, and emphasizes the need to recognize their unique needs and abilities.

About the Author

Esthus Lofton is a retired teacher who dedicated more than five decades of his life to the field of education. He is widely recognized for his outstanding work as a special education teacher, having taught special education for 35 years. Over the course of his career, Lofton worked with students with a wide range of learning needs, including those with autism spectrum disorder, and he holds a certificate for teaching this population.

Despite his retirement from teaching, Lofton remains committed to advocating for students with special needs and supporting the field of education. He continues to be an active member of professional organizations and networks, sharing his knowledge and experience with others and mentoring new teachers entering the field.

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